10 Popular Online Degrees for 2024

For continuing students and adult students returning to school, online degrees are a more viable option than ever before. Advancements in technology and remote teaching methodologies have paved the way for students to not only take courses online, but to also complete entire degree programs. As the ways people obtain degrees have changed, so too have the types of degrees they pursue. Here is a look at 10 popular online degrees.

1. Business Administration

With more students being enrolled at the undergraduate and graduate level than any other program, Business Administration is one of the most popular online degrees. A lot of this is due to its versatility. A degree in business can be used in many different industries and applied to most jobs. Taking courses in communication, analytics, critical thinking and management, students acquire solid skill sets an in-demand experience.

2. Psychology

An undergraduate degree in the field of Psychology is applicable to several vocations, including marketing, criminal justice, the correctional system, human services and more. For most specialized fields within psychology such as counselors or therapists, a graduate degree is very useful. For working students or those already on this career path, both degrees are well suited for obtaining online.

3. Healthcare Administration

Demand for qualified healthcare administrators grows every year due to factors such as changing healthcare regulations, technological advances in healthcare, and just the fact that people are living longer these days. As demand for skilled workers in this field increases so does pay, advancement opportunities and the need for degreed professionals.

4. Accounting

Like a degree in business, accounting has mass appeal and multiple applications across industries. Due to the importance of budgeting, finance and ultimately profitability, Accounting is one of the most in-demand online degrees for students. Finance rules and regulations are constantly changing in both corporate American as well as for small business and entrepreneurs. There will always be a need for accounting professionals to help run these businesses.

5. Education

Becoming a teacher usually requires both course work and some fieldwork. Online programs not only help students with academic education, but also help them find fieldwork opportunities at local schools. Graduate programs are available to adult learners who have degrees in fields outside of education but want to pursue their teaching licenses.

6. Nursing

Due to factors such as aging populations and recent pandemics, there is high demand for nurses. Benefits like salary, job satisfaction and increased employment opportunities make nursing a desirable profession. A great feature of online nursing programs is that most of them offer an accelerated RN to BSN curriculum, enabling registered nurses to earn their bachelor’s degree in about 18 months instead of the four years it takes with a traditional program.

7. Criminal Justice

For those interested in law enforcement, a criminal justice degree facilitates careers as probation or parole officers, private investigators, police offers and other related positions. For jobs working for government bureaus like the Department of Homeland Security or FBI for instance, a graduate degree would often be required.

8. Engineering

Engineering is one of the most financially lucrative fields. Students can choose from multiple types of engineering degrees such as Aeronautical, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical or Chemical Engineering. These types of degrees are some of the best college degrees for finding the highest paying jobs after graduation.

9. Computer Science

Like engineering, Computer Science is another highly lucrative degree. Demand is higher than ever for tech professionals in areas including coding, front-end and back-end developers, UX/UI and cyber security to name a few. Accelerated learning options also make degrees in tech a popular choice for online students.

10. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Companies like Amazon, Apple, Tesla and others have dominated their industries by mastering logistics and supply chain management. With the increasing complexity of global supply chains, demand for experts in this area is increasing. Students in online programs learn skills relating to procurement, sustainability, transportation and logistics which are crucial to world economies and corporations alike.

As virtual education continues to expand, students will have more opportunities to work and study at the same time. Online degrees in these 10 areas should be in demand for years to come and help students transition to highly beneficial careers.